National Pet Week®
May 4-10, 2014

Well before social media made "Grumpy Cat" or the "Boo" the Pomeranian pop culture superstars, National Pet Week® provided pet owners the opportunity to celebrate the unique, quirky, adorable traits that they believe make their pet the world's best pet. Truly a grassroots program, veterinary clinics, veterinary schools, and other pet-related groups have hosted fun runs, dog washes, adoption fairs, and competitions ranging from the longest tail to the ugliest pet contests. Use National Pet Week® as a focal point to celebrate the pets in your community and provide educational programs tailored to your area. After 33 years, we've got something for everybody.

Top Ten Stress-free ways to Celebrate National Pet Week® in your Clinic

  1. Video -- Download the National Pet Week® video onto your clinic Web page, Facebook page and have it playing in your reception area.
  2. Proclamation – Personalize this sample proclamation for your town's mayor and work with your local colleagues to have the governor of your state proclaim May 4- 10, 2014 as National Pet Week®.
  3. Press Releases – This press release template can serve as your guide to alert local media to your clinic's special National Pet Week® events.
  4. Throw a Party/Host a Contest – Whether it is an actual party in the clinic with behind the scenes tours and refreshments or a special Facebook event, invite your clients to celebrate their healthy pets with pictures and stories. See this year's winning poster and poem from the Auxiliary. Sponsor a poster and writing contest around the 2015 National Pet Week® theme, Adopt a Pet – A Promise of Love. Enter your clinic's finalists or winner into the Auxiliary's annual National Pet Week® Contest. See the Poster and Writing Contests page for entry forms, and for additional information contact or call 847-285-6747. Free coloring pages and client education materials are available at
  5. Partners for Healthy Pets – Seize the momentum from National Pet Week® and carry the 'healthy pet' message throughout the entire year. If your clinic isn't already registered this phenomenal FREE program you should do so immediately at The Partnership adds value to your practice and to your bottom line. The Partnership will provide you free, easy-to-use tools to help your clients understand the benefits of regular checkups and provides you with a monthly newsletter full of tips, tools and testimonials as well as information as to where your clients are seeing advertisements and the Public Service Announcement. America's pet-owning public is already seeing the Partners for Healthy Pets advertisements in popular magazines such as People magazine, O magazine, Real Simple and Prevention and the Public Service Announcement television ads on Fox, Comcast, HGTV, the National Geographic Channel and others. The digital ads are on CNN, Pet360 and
  6. Client Connections – Add a Partners for Healthy Pets client portal to your clinic website that will help prepare your clielnts for their next visit. Partners for Healthy Pets developed an interactive consumer-based Website to help clients better understand why preventive healthcare is key to their pet's long and healthy life. It is as simple as a, b, c.
    1. Post a link to the website on your practice homepage:;
    2. Advise clients that they can better prepare for their annual checkups by learning more about what the checkup entails;
    3. Encourage your clients to sign up for an annual reminder to get their pet's check-up scheduled. Either by email or by text message, Partners for Healthy Pets will send them a notice to make sure they schedule their visit with you. Here's an example that can be used on your practice website or in your client communications: Don't forget to schedule your pet's most important date of the year: their annual checkup! For free, fast and easy annual reminders to schedule your next checkup, visit and click on "Register Your Pet" today.
  7. Free customizable downloads -- Add your clinic name, logo or National Pet Week® dates to the wildly popular, "Special Care" dog and cat ads nationally in print and online. These ads remind clients that veterinary care is as essential as food and love. In addition to the print and digital ads, there are three new downloadable banners/posters for you to use. Complete instructions are available by scrolling to the bottom of the Consumer Campaign section on the Partners for Healthy Pets website.
  8. Embed the Partnership's "Special Care" video -- The Special Care Instructions PSA is easy to share across the web, either on your practice site or social media pages, to remind your clients to schedule a yearly checkup today. Click the links and follow the easy directions below to share the video:
    :30 Special Care Instructions PSA
    :15 Special Care Instructions PSA
  9. Community outreach – Bring the National Pet Week® message to the classroom. Career videos, lesson plans and supplemental materials are available at low or no cost from the AVMA,
  10. Dr. Carlos Campos, American's Favorite Veterinarian in 2013"America's Favorite Veterinarian" – Don't be shy. Include entry information about the American Veterinary Medical Foundation's (AVMF) newest contest, "America's Favorite Veterinarian". All veterinarians are eligible. They do not have to be a companion animal practitioner. They can work in research, academia, military, food animal, companion animal or equine medicine, etc. Nominating is easy. Visit between May 1 and June 1. Clients only need to tell why their veterinarian is the best, upload a photo of the veterinarian, the pet, or the pet with the veterinarian. Include a link in your press materials, on your website and suggest your local and state associations include a link on their websites. America's Favorite Veterinarian will receive fabulous prizes. Visit the AVMF website to learn more about the winner of America's Favorite Veterinarian contest in 2013, Dr. Carlos Campos of Spring Hill, Fla!

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