Lesson Plans / Activity Sheets

The American Veterinary Medical Association has developed twelve lessons and activity sheets grammar school teachers can download and use in their classrooms during National Pet Week®. Each activity is written for a specific grade level and meets national teaching standards in science and language arts.

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All lesson plans are posted as PDF PDF file

1st Grade

Lesson Plan: Amazing Animals

Activity Sheet: A Special Thing About Me

Lesson Plan: Dog Safety Rules

Activity Sheet: Yes or No?

Lesson Plan: What is a Veterinarian?

Activity Sheet: Venn Diagram

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2nd Grade

Lesson Plan: Eager To Help

Activity Sheet: Helping Hounds

Lesson Plan: What Do They Need?

Activity Sheet: What Do Pets Need?

Lesson Plan: Who Works in a Veterinary Hospital?

Activity Sheet: Who Am I?

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3rd Grade

Lesson Plan: Animals Do Many Things

Activity Sheet: Animals Are Special

Lesson Plan: Wild Or Domestic?

Activity Sheet: Who Am I, and Where Do I Live?

Lesson Plan: How Do Veterinarians Use Technology?

Activity Sheet: Invent It!

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4th Grade

Lesson Plan: Too Many Pets

Activity Sheet: Unwanted Pets

Lesson Plan: Add It Up

Activity Sheet: Add It Up

Lesson Plan: It Takes All Different Kinds

Activity Sheet: Veterinary Career Word Scramble

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