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Discover top ten dog and cat owning states

A survey conducted by the AVMA every five years reveals that the top 10 pet-owning states are: Vermont where 70.8 percent of households owned a pet, New Mexico with 67.6 percent, South Dakota with 65.6 percent, Oregon with 63.6 percent, Maine with 62.9 percent, Washington with 62.7 percent, Arkansas with 62.4 percent, West Virginia with 62.1 percent, Idaho with 62 percent, and Wyoming with 61.8 percent.

The 10 states in 2011 with the lowest percentage of pet-owning households are: Rhode Island where 53 percent of households owned a pet, Minnesota with 53 percent, California with 52.9 percent, Maryland with 52.3 percent, Illinois with 51.8 percent, Nebraska with 51.3 percent, Utah with 51.2 percent, New Jersey with 50.7 percent, New York with 50.6 percent, and Massachusetts with 50.4 percent. The District of Columbia had a far lower rate of pet ownership at 21.9 percent.

Top Ten Dog-Owning States

The Sourcebook reveals that the states with the most dog owning households were:

Arkansas: 47.9 percent
New Mexico: 46 percent
Kentucky: 45.9 percent
Missouri: 45.9 percent
West Virginia: 45.8 percent
Mississippi: 45.2 percent
Alabama: 44.1 percent
Tennessee: 44.1 percent
Texas: 44 percent
Oklahoma: 43.2 percent

Top Cat-Owning States

Top 10 states with the most cat-owning households are:

Vermont: 49.5 percent
Maine: 46.4 percent
Oregon: 40.2 percent
South Dakota: 39.1 percent
Washington: 39 percent
West Virginia: 38.1 percent
Kentucky: 36.8 percent
Idaho: 34.6 percent
Indiana: 34.4 percent
New Hampshire: 34.2 percent

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